Cryptocurrency Mining Hosting

Plenty of companies are competing to offer you the crypto currency hosting service you need. However, you’ve probably already realized that not all hosting facilities are created equally.

Many elements separate great hosting services from bad ones:

  • Uptime
  • Overclocking
  • Expert Guidance
  • Security and Peace of Mind
Crypto Mining Hosting
Bitcoin Mining Host

Mining Host’s services are specifically designed around crypto currencies; we provide specialization that other hosting facilities just can’t touch.

Why the Competition Can’t Match Mining Host’s Services

Simply put, Mining Host was built with Crypto Mining in mind. This means versatility and variety for customers: Mining Host hosts every variety of currency Miner, including bitcoin and litecoin options.

Power is a major concern in mining; with 208v power feeds, we’ve got you covered. In addition, we utilize high-efficiency cooling systems and offer high-speed fiber connectivity to guarantee the maximum amount of uptime.

Every miner has different needs, so Mining Host offers quarterly, annual, and biennial rates–perfect for any budget.


At Mining Host, we understand how important security is to our clients. With state-of-the-art security systems, a redundant CCTV system, and a full insurance policy for Client Machines, you can rest assured that your mining rig is in good hands.

What Will I Need to Provide?

Although we take pride in providing our customers with nearly every Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining hosting service under the sun, we’ll still need a few things from you. As a customer, you must provide a power supply unit, power cables, and mining units.

A Note on Reservations
This is a popular service, so every miner must reserve their space in our facility. This ensures that shipments are received and holds your space.

Can I Overclock My Miners?

Yes, customers can overclock their miners while they’re in Mining Host’s care. The process is simple: if you’re planning to utilize this service, you’ll be billed for the total amount of power in advance.

What Does a Typical Setup Include?

While setups vary, the average setup usually includes the following elements:

-Dashboard–Mining Pool of Your Choice; Metered Power
-Dedicated configuration and full setup over every miner unit, including Internet and Cooling
-OpenVPN Server Access, including private subnet (IPv4)

Ongoing Support

Our services don’t end with storage–we’re proud to provide many others, including:

-Hardware Replacement–In the event that your mining rig fails, simply ship us another unit and we’ll take it from there! Our staff will swap out your existing PSU or mining unit with your replacement–simple as that.
-Remote Hands Services–We’re happy to help you by power cycling, or resetting your rig (hard or soft).
-Other Professional Services–For a standard time and materials fee, our experts can log into your private network, or access your hardware to make necessary adjustments.

We’re Excited to Hear from You!

At Mining Host, our team is here to provide you with 24/7/365 support, including any necessary emergency response services–we’re here for you anytime you need us, offering a quick response time and effective problem solving.

Contact us today to learn more about our Mining Services, fantastic cheap energy rates, and unbeatable service for all miners from Bitmain and DragonMint like the 16Th and the S9, D3 and A3.