Bitcoin Miner Hosting

ASIC Miner Hosting

Miner Hosting provides Bitcoin and cryptocurrency miner hosting services.

Our service lets you host your ASIC mining rig in a secure, reliable and clean mining datacenter located in the US Midwest, East and Southwest.

Affordable Bitcoin Mining Colocation Services

At Miner Hosting, we make it easy to get started, so you can get your rigs set up and mining faster than you would have thought possible. Unlike many other mining colocation facilities, we don’t charge you based on a percentage of the crypto coins that your ASICs mine. Our plans are based on a flat-rate sliding scale taking into account just the number of miners we host for you and the level of service you need.

We’ve designed our ASIC miner hosting services to be simple and affordable, which increases your profitability. Whether you have just a few miners or several dozen, we have a solution that works for you.

15 MW Dedicated Miner Colocation Facility in Wisconsin, Ohio, Houston, Portland, Phoenix and Las Vegas

Our mining farm is best for Bitcoin miner hosting located in a secure and clean building that used to house an industrial lighting factory several decades ago. Since then, the facility has been completely renovated and transformed into a modern datacenter specializing in cryptocurrency mining equipment.

Our facility is highly secure, with 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, access control systems, temperature and humidity sensors.

When you send your mining equipment to our facility, you can be sure that it will operate in a secure and reliable environment.